December 1, 2022 656

Tashkent region is moving to a new system of working with population problems

As previously reported, the work of the republican working group on dialogue with the people continues in 29 mahallas in Akkurgan.

According to the order of the President, the working group headed by the adviser to President G. Mirzaev started working within the framework of the new communication system with the population.

One of the problematic regions of Tashkent region Akkurgan district, was selected as an experiment.

The working group is going from mahalla to mahalla, from house to house, getting acquainted with each household's conditions, studying the population's problems and socio-economic issues, and taking quick and effective measures to solve them.

In this process, the primary attention is focused on finding a solution to the problems of people in difficult social conditions, alone, and those who have lost their breadwinners.

At the same time, it is decided to include some issues that require a deadline in the next year's programs.

The republican working group continues its activities.

Press Service of the DIA of Tashkent region 

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