May 8, 2021 4693

A fraudster collecting money for a fake charity to treat seriously ill children in Tashkent was caught

On February 8, 2021, an anonymous person downloaded photos of a child who died of a brain tumour in Ukraine and two children who were unidentified and seriously ill in order to gain wealth on the Internet by cheating and abusing trust. That person posted those photos as her children "Kamilov Azimjon Abdurauf ugli," "Mashgulotva Gulirano", and "Marufjonov Muhammadali Mansurjon ugli," and claimed that they needed 10,000$ to 20,000$ for medical treatment. She posted fake charity announcements on several social networks asking for help from the public by showing bank plastic cards 8600 ... 5611 and 8600 ... 4430 to receive money.

People affected by the posted photos of sick children transferred from 5,000 sums to 1 million sums to plastic cards indicated under fake charity announcements.

According to the operative data, on April 20, as a result of search operations carried out by officers of the Cyber ​​Security Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Almazar district of Tashkent, the illegal act was committed by a resident of Tashkent, Almazar district, Kamarniso Street, born in 1995. They found that N. Rashidova had committed the crime. Two bank plastic cards and a smartphone belonging to her were duly documented as material evidence. 

On May 6, the Investigation Department of the DIA of Almazar District initiated a criminal case against N. Rashidova under Article 168 (3) (b) of the Criminal Code. A preliminary investigation is undertaken. 

Cyber ​​Security Center of the MIA

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