October 10, 2020 6627

Tourist Police introduced a trial version of a sample uniform

In recent years, the government has been doing significant work in our country to expand its tourism potential. One of the essential tasks is to create all conditions for guests from other countries. The law enforcement agencies also pay attention to the safety of foreigners who visit our country to make new friends, to see the history and its sights. 

As proof of our words, tourist police has been doing targeted work to ensure the safety of foreign tourists and to provide the necessary assistance in the places they visit. Obviously, in this case, the appearance is essential. Therefore, this issue was in the focus of attention of law enforcement agencies.

They have developed a project of samples of new uniforms for employees of the tourist police. Today, a new uniform is being prepared and tested by the police staff of Tashkent city and Tashkent region.

The designers paid primary attention to the appearance of the uniform. Also, its convenience and modern design did not go unnoticed. Besides, they took into consideration the specific activities of employees of the divisions, climatic conditions in the country, and current requirements.

They also analysed the experience of foreign countries during the project. As a result of the efforts created today, the uniforms provided to the staff will be tested during the year.

Department of Tourism Safety Coordination of the MIA

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