April 15, 2022 1887

For the attention of citizens who joined various Telegram groups!

Currently, the Internal Affairs of Tashkent has received more complaints about new ways of stealing funds from people's plastic cards. Anonymous individuals send messages to members of a particular group that they have won a "campaign" randomly determined on group administrators' behalf. They then ask them to follow the link to ensure they are ready to transfer the cash prize to the winning user's plastic card.

Due to the similarity of such links to the sites of known payment systems in Uzbekistan, they lead to negative consequences due to negligence and mistakes of citizens.

Main Department of Internal Affairs of Tashkent urges Internet users to be vigilant, not to believe in "random" winnings in various lotteries, not to follow questionable links and not to share their plastic card information. In particular, a request to indicate your card's expiration date and send a "confirmation code" sent via SMS can be a reason for suspicion.

Even if you do not have cash on your plastic card, entering confidential information will allow fraudsters to use your card for future malicious purposes and withdraw all the money from your card.

Please be aware of any messages coming to you via the Internet!

Press Service of the DIA of Tashkent city 

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