September 22, 2023 770

The Deputy Minister visited the Guzor district DIA and met with the personnel

The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Major General Bahadir Mirzarahimov, visited the DIA of Guzor district to curb the region's criminal situation, prevent violations and crimes, ensure citizens' employment, and solve their problems. In the meeting, the Deputy Minister emphasized that service discipline and compliance with the law, avoiding corruption, being polite to citizens in the service, gaining the people's trust, and ultimately serving the people with loyalty are today's requirements. He assigned tasks to the leaders for a targeted solution.

During the studies, he visited the law enforcement centre in the "Doltali" mahalla of Guzor district, which was newly completed and put into use, and saw the conditions created for the employees of the field services and the mahalla five. As part of the visit, the Deputy Minister visited the service house of the preventive inspector of the Crime Prevention Service of the Public Security of the DIA of Guzor district in "Doltali" mahalla, lieutenant Odilbek Abdishukurov and got acquainted with the living conditions.

Then, he visited the headquarters of the 1st sector in the district and analyzed the work done in the previous period of this year with the sector leaders. He made suggestions and recommendations to the officials to eliminate the shortcomings. He visited the "Mustakillik" mahalla, which is located next to the sector headquarters, communicated with the mahalla fives on preventing crimes and curbing the criminogenic situation, and gave relevant instructions.

The Deputy Minister visited the service house of Captain Islam Shodmanov, a preventive inspector serving in the "Mustakillik" mahalla and talked with his family. Taking into account the achievements of the prevention inspector in the service, he presented him with a television.

The Deputy Minister completed the studies in Kashkadarya region.

Press Service of the DIA of Kashkadarya region 

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