May 20, 2022 540

The Deputy Minister held reception in Buka district

At the mobile meeting, more than 50 problems of the population of the Bekabad, Buka and Piskent districts were solved.

Unlike other days, the Deputy Minister today also talked to those who are under probation control of the DIA, paying special attention to the issue of their return to the right path and adaptation to social life and employment.

In the process, a mobile court was set up. More than 15 individuals who were honest in their work and strictly adhered to the restrictions set by the court were conditionally released ahead of schedule.

During the mobile reception, the citizens addressed the Internal Affairs with questions related to employment, inquiry and investigation, social protection and financial assistance, road safety, and other systems.

The Deputy Minister resolved 31 of these appeals on the spot and issued the relevant documents. He oversaw the consideration of 22 appeals requiring further investigation.

Following the event, the Deputy Minister congratulated six stateless persons who had lived in Uzbekistan for 20 years on acquiring citizenship of the Republic of Uzbekistan and handed them ID cards.

Currently, mobile meetings with the population continue throughout the region.

Press Service of the DIA of Tashkent region

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