November 1, 2021 4956

An internationally wanted criminal was arrested in Abu Dhabi

The National Central Bureau of Interpol (NCB) of Uzbekistan, jointly with Interpol NCB in the United Arab Emirates, detained an internationally wanted person. This person was born in 1972, a citizen of Uzbekistan S.M. has been internationally wanted by the law enforcement agencies of Uzbekistan since 2006 for the commission of severe and very severe crimes under Articles 155, 161, 242 and 244 of the Criminal Code of Uzbekistan.

Initially, information on the approximate location of this person was sent to the General Secretariat of Interpol. The citizen S.M. has been in hiding in the United States since 2006. In September 2021, NCB of Washington reported that citizen S.M. had left U.S. territory. As a result of a joint search operation conducted by NCB Interpol in Uzbekistan and Interpol in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, the citizen S.M. was arrested five days after arriving in Abu Dhabi. Currently, measures are being taken to extradite him to Uzbekistan.

National Central Bureau of Interpol in the Republic of Uzbekistan

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