May 15, 2022 1165

The month of "Safe Capital" has begun

On May 14, the head of the DIA of Tashkent A. Tashpulatov, City Prosecutor U. Kasimov and the head of the Tashkent city administration of National Guard A. Akhmedov held a report meeting on the results of 4 months in the city department of Internal Affairs.

At the beginning of the meeting, the capital's Internal Affairs summarised the work done. In particular, they reported on 2,435 detected crimes at the initiative of officers, of which 769 were related to the illicit sale of drugs and psychotropic substances. They could manage to prevent the spreading of 217 kg 305 grams of drugs and 24 kg 328 grams of strong medications. They uncovered 7,777 crimes, of which 221 were crimes committed in previous years, and 537 wanted criminals were arrested and ensured the punishment.

Later, the heads of the Internal Affairs agencies, district prosecutors, and heads of the National Guard reported on the work done in the past to prevent crime and its shortcomings in the capital.

Also, responsible leaders were assigned to 169 mahallas in Tashkent, where the crime rate was high, and they were given specific tasks and instructions.

Moreover, the joint decision of the city Prosecutor, the city department of Internal Affairs and the heads of the Tashkent city department of the National Guard to hold a preventive month, "Safe Capital", was approved and implemented.

Following the meeting, some law enforcement officials were severely criticized and warned that they would be fired if the results did not change for the better in the second quarter.

Press Service of the DIA of Tashkent city

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