April 30, 2022 623

Training in the fight against cybercrime

Today, the effective use of information and communication technologies is important in the fight against crime. In particular, its role in the early prevention and detection of cybercrime is priceless.

In turn, special attention is paid to developing knowledge and practical skills of employees of structural and territorial units of law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime.

To this end, qualified specialists of the Cyber ​​Security Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs selected 14 officers with the ability to use ICT from operatives of the Khorezm region police department. They are conducting seminars and training aimed at developing the skills of investigators in detecting and exposing cybercrime.

Specifically, during the training, the specialists introduced specific methods in revealing insulting on the Internet, slander, online gambling, cyberbullying, cybercrime, detection of crimes committed through payment systems.

Currently, the training process is underway.

Cyber ​​Security Center of the MIA 

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