October 9, 2022 1246

Foreign experts conducted a training

The representative office of the German International Cooperation Society (GIZ) in Uzbekistan organized a seminar training at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In the session attended by professors and teachers, there was a detailed exchange of views on early prevention of delinquency and crime among minors, investigation of their acts, and specific aspects of international and national norms in this regard.

Solid legal foundations of state policy on youth have been created in our country. The laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, "On Citizens' Self-Governing Bodies", "On Guarantees of Children's Rights", "On Education", "On Prevention of Offences", "On Prevention of Misconduct and Offences Among Minors" are essential to organize the education of the young generation properly and determine a healthy lifestyle in society.

In the seminar training, it was recognized that the comprehensive reforms implemented by international experts in working with young people, especially the effective establishment of the "family-mahalla-educational institution". Opinions were expressed on further improvement of legislation in the field and strengthening cooperation of responsible bodies to prevent offences among minors.

Press Service of the Academy of the MIA 

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