June 30, 2022 895

A group of young employees was awarded on the occasion of Youth Day

Today, the role and influence of our distinguished young people in the implementation of socio-political and economic reforms aimed at establishing New Uzbekistan in our country are increasing. Millions of our young people serve with loyalty and selflessness in all spheres and branches of our society to fulfil the honourable task of protecting the Motherland.

On June 30, on the occasion of Youth Day, the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Major General Mirzarahimov Bakhodir Yuldashevich, ceremoniously awarded a group of young employees with two million soum certificates who served in the Main Department of Transport Security and its subordinate structures. They were awarded for selfless services to ensure the peace and tranquillity of our country, fight against crime and influential work in preventing it, and bravery in performing their duties.

Department of Security in Transport and Tourism Facilities of the MIA 

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