October 28, 2022 583

The traffic police inspectors detected a prohibited substance

On October 27, at 11:30 p.m., traffic police inspectors junior sergeant B.Nugmonov and sergeant F.Djuraev, working in Bektemir district of Tashkent city, stopped a "Cobalt" car driving along Ohangaron street. When they inspected the car, the driver F.Kh., born in 1988, aroused suspicion among the employees with his appearance and behaviour. During the investigation, with the presence of impartial witnesses, the inspectors found a green-dried plant with a sharp smell wrapped in one piece of paper in F.Kh's pocket.

The relevant documents were issued, and the citizen F.Kh. was sent to the DIA of Bektemir district.

Press Service of the RTSS of the DIA of Tashkent city 

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