October 5, 2022 681

The traffic police inspectors detected a prohibited substance

On October 3, at 11:10 p.m., the traffic police inspectors O.Saydaliev and M.Sherkulov, working in the Yunusabad district of Tashkent city, stopped and inspected a Spark car driving along Akhmad Donish street. The passenger, born in 1990, B.K., aroused suspicion among the inspectors with his appearance and behaviour. During the investigation with the presence of impartial and witnesses, the inspectors found a white, pungent-smelling, powdery substance wrapped in a 20,000 UZS banknote and a brown, pungent-smelling, gummy substance wrapped in a piece of black cellophane in B.K.'s pocket.

The traffic police inspectors filed the relevant documents and sent the citizen B.K. to the DIA of Yunusabad district.

Press Service of the PSD RTSS of the MIA 

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